I’m not big into instagram or really maintaining much of a presence or a “brand” on social media, it’s not something I work to cultivate or think about a whole lot. But for some people, it seems like it’s a way of life. You gotta get the shot, no matter what.

And since necessity is the mother of invention, people get pretty creative – and pretty risky – in their pursuit of grabbing that perfect snap. Love it or hate it, it’s a real part of our world, and the behind the scenes results can be hilarious.

Just check out some of the things you may need to be willing to do in order to truly up your social media game.

10. Get a little wet

It’s so predictable but it’s still so satisfying to watch.

9. Make a scene

I think while we’re still having to follow mask protocols and aisle directions, this should be straight up illegal.

8. Get upside down

You really gotta work as a team.

7. Work the sidewalk

Excuse me…ma’am? I need to get to the bus stop. Ma’am!

6. Stop traffic

This would be a super cool way to die.

5. Go to space

How did you even get that thing, bro?

4. Wiggle that booty

Who wants to see this and why?

3. Catch some waves

Again, predictable and satisfying.

2. Get a little rocky


1. Go up in smoke

We get it, you vape.

Hey man, ya gotta shoot your shot.

How much do you care about your Instagram presence?

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