Yes, the world is a bit crazy right now. But that can be a good thing. Because that means the tweets are going to be VERY entertaining!

It’s time to lean into some good old-fashioned fire tweets today and see if they can bring us some joy.

Won’t you join us on this journey through the Twitterverse and into the land of magic fun?

Let’s go!

1. Dog slam

This dog has all the comedy in his pockets, and he’s willing to share.

2. Oh, that’s how the internet works.

We’re all friends here, right? RIGHT?!?!?

3. It’s either pain or they’re singing a FIRE chorus.

This is a Dreamgirls reference, btw…

4. You know… that is true.

But it’s also hilarious, so imma let it slide.

5. Watch this. It’s so anxiety.

Just wait… it’ll get horrible quickly.

6. I’d like to see this race.

Let’s go you f**king shark! It’s just me and you and a bike!

7. What am I watching?!?

When you bottle up your emotions… this is what happens.

8. Now THAT is pranking at a high level.

And when I say “high” I mean VERY stoned.

9. Ahhh yes…. Apples are better, right?

Spin spin spin spin!

10. Stimulate your money wallets!

You’re welcome for all the monies! Don’t spend them all in one debts!

And that, my friends, is how you do some motherf**king twitter tweeting! YASSSSSS!!!!

Were you able to take a break from your reality? Did you find any of these hilarious, fun and mildly entertaining?

Share your thoughts in the comments, fam!