Nature is amazing. So amazing that I don’t even believe it half the time. I mean, have you SEEN pictures of those deep sea fish? Or the fossilized imprints of dragonflies with six foot wingspans?

Those things EXIST (or existed) in the real world, and here we are just going about our day pretending it’s fine.

It’s not fine. It’s ridiculous. And somebody oughta do something about it, like, say, take to Twitter and share random facts.

Enjoy these ridiculous nature realizations.

10. Beavers

Don’t let them fool you, it’s all because of their strict Cheeto diet.

9. Cats

This might be why my cat is physically incapable of being sweet.

8. Harvest mice

This phenomenon is what top scientists refer to as “the cutest thing in the entire whole wide world.”

7. Supervolcanoes

The Earth is angry and waiting to strike.

6. Turtles

This almost seems like an inefficient use of space.

5. Owls

The more I learn about these creeps, the less I trust them.

4. Donkeys and lambs

“Lol what?” – lambs, probably

3. Hammerhead Bats

This is the villain in a 90’s kid’s cartoon.

2. Yellow watermelon

Why do I feel like I’m gonna get superpowers if I eat one of these?

1. Eggplants

Letting anything in nature be simple would just be overeasy.

The words have been said before but they’ve never rang more true: crazy how nature do dat.

What’s your fun nature fact? Teach us something fun about the world around us! Please!

If you can, share it with us in the comments. We love learning stuff like that.