I don’t know how long the Karen meme has been going on at this point, but I kind of love that it just won’t die, much like the complaints of a mega-Karen trying to use an expired coupon from a completely different business and holding up a line of twelve frustrated people.

We all know a Karen. We all have to deal with them. Maybe we’ve even BEEN one a time or too. Karen memes are universally understood, and that has assured them a long life span.

Here are ten memes you can speak to your manager about.

10. The ultimate authority

Best of luck, kids.

9. It’s about to go down

Everybody just prepare yourselves.

8. Born and raised

Wait is this a real place?

7. Zero stars

This is the TOP review?

6. Daily double

When you get to the final round and you’re ready to risk it all.

5. Hang on tight

“This entire experience has really started to go down hill.”

4. They’re evolving

But will she get her own solo movie?

3. Manage your expectations

My how the turntables have turned.

2. A simple reaction

We um…we might want to pull back just a little bit.

1. Winter is coming

You’re really not going to like how this ends.

Alright that’s enough of this, now move along, Karen. You’re holding up the line.

What’s your most memorable “Karen” experience?

Share it with us in the comments.