I’ve always wondered… what’s it like being a male nanny? Are they trusted? How many of them are there?

Listen, there’s likely not a lot of jobs for guys who care and nurture children, because those jobs go to the ladies. And that’s okay.

However these male nannies somehow got the gig and might change people’s thoughts with their… how should I say this… revealing experiences.

Because if you think it’s just husbands sleeping with the nanny… turnabout is fair play my friends!

10. You go boy… but is that your body?

That’s not your body, is it?

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Damn kid! That’s a nice word.

It’s also a name, so… I’m not sure you can use it.

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8. I mean, if she’s single and you’re single…

… then let the games begin!

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7. Well, that’s a bummer.

I’m sure you’ll find another family to help.

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6. But wouldn’t this be a plus?

You always have THE BEST excuse, right?

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5. See… this is why I’m here.

I LOVE it when things work out for people.

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4. This is a HUGE surprise.

I’d think this would be catnip. So weird.

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3. What is with this manny thing?

Is that a big thing with you guys?

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2. Glad to hear it went great.

But yet another manny, right?

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1. Is that a bad thing?

Because that doesn’t SEEM like a bad thing.

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Alright kids… we’ve gotten this far… so now what do you think?

Let us know your thoughts about the “mannies” in the comments!