Marriage. Ahhh marriage.

Marriage is what brings us together today. And even though I didn’t spell it in character, you read that in the voice of the guy from The Princess Bride. Because The Princess Bride is one of our most well-known, pervasive, and respected cultural institutions.

Marriage itself is, I dunno, a distant second maybe?

It’s definitely important enough that we make memes about it.

Here are some now!

10. Bird is the word

Yeah but he’s totally gonna tweet about this later.

9. The fix is in

I actually run a company that fixes this company’s mistakes. The layers go deep.

8. Panty dance

We are but a simple kind.

7. The great barrier

Or as I like to call it “the fart refractor.”

6. Not my problem

Just turn the music up a little louder, you got this.

5. Smooth moves

Just looking for a little bit of appreciation for a very little bit of work.

4. Time and time again

Little do you know the kids are also telling on you.

3. Echolocation

Every. Single. Time.

2. Passive affection

This affront surely shall not stand.

1. A hairy situation

Now I’ve just got Dashboard Confessional songs running through my head.

If you looked these over with your spouse, I hope you both laughed in equal amounts about every single one of them. Otherwise there might be trouble.

What’s the best thing about being married?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.