Today we’ve got some memes that are specially curated for some lady-types, though honestly, I love ’em all, and I’m not a lady-type. I don’t think, anyway?

Note to self: look into this. Further research is needed. Also, get a notepad so you stop writing these things on your hand.

Anyway, you should not think about it too hard and just enjoy these memes.

10. Skin and bones

He didn’t survive, but he set an example for us all.

9. The big switch

Look, don’t worry about it, just keep scrolling.

8. True intimacy

We’re not gonna put on any masks tonight.

7. A shoe in

Oh, the agony of the feet.

6. Playing games

That relationship sounds exhausting but ok.

5. Space trash

Our whole planet is just some rocks that floated together after a thingy went boom.

4. I don’t take shift

You can keep that crap to yourself.

3. No butts about it

I wish I could be in charge of this stuff.

2. Card games

This is ever so slightly inconvenient, I won’t survive it.

1. The cold truth

Just put me in a furnace already.

Note to self: go find more memes, these seem fun. Also, seriously, get a notebook or an app or something, I’m running out of space to write this on my arm.

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

Give us all of your hot tips in the comments, won’t you?