The memes we’ve gathered up today are clearly made for mostly a female demographic, but I say bust the molds, screw the preconceptions, these are funny no matter who you are.

Unless who you are is someone who is incapable of finding memes funny, I guess, in which case you should really go see a doctor immediately.

Otherwise, you should sit back and enjoy these memes!

10. Get a leg up

These are clearly different shades, what are you, blind?

9. Too much chill

I could just live in a sock, that would be fine.

8. Sharing is caring

Look buddy, I didn’t get a phone so that people could call me.

7. Once again

This me after a little too much puff puff pass pass.

6. Into the woods

We’ve all got our dreams and aspirations.

5. Dead serious

We’re all just at the mercy of our brain chemicals, if ya think about it.

4. Special delivery

Think INSIDE the box.

3. Mighty neighborly

Sounds like things are getting pretty thorny over there.

2. Beanie babies

Oh Frank, what has become of you?

1. A great idea

You had me at “drink.”

Now THOSE are some quality memes. You’re not gonna find memes like that unless you look, like, generally anywhere on the internet.
Like, there are probably some standing right behind you this VERY MOMENT!

Speaking of which, what’s your favorite spot to find new memes?

Tell us in the comments.