Knock knock. Who’s there? Memes.

Memes who? Memes Montgomery Abernathy.

That’s the full name of memes. Bet you didn’t know that.

In fact you may find there’s a lot you don’t know about memes, but the best way to learn is through immersion.

So today we’re just gonna dive right into a top ten list of memes that I have available at the moment.

Here they are. Treasure them. Love them.

10. Missed connections

Yeah I’m already on Tinder, but thanks.

9. The mind readers

When the algorithm knows you better than you know yourself.

8. I see your point

Something tells me these products have been…erm…repurposed.

7. Hot hot horror

And when they got back, they discovered, that there was PINEAPPLE! *thunder crash*

6. No escape

You start desperately searching for scissors only to realize you can’t operate them.

5. Here’s Leo

You can’t escape the meme. He is the meme. He is all. He is everywhere.

4. Major repairs

Can’t imagine what their counseling sessions must have been like.

3. Do the wave

Ah yes, I remember the first time I smoked up.

2. Butterfren

No eats. Is good pal. Doin’ me a fly around.

1. The smoking gun

…how you doin?

That’s all for now. I hope you’ve learned a little something about memes today, and I hope you paid attention. There will be a test.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Describe them to us in the comments.