I’ve got a feeling a lot of you are going to feel the feels in these feeling memes.

Cause the things we feel ferociously can be felt as feelings for everyone and thus the feely memes we make feel feelingly familiar.

Ya feel me?

I guess what I’m saying is…here are some memes about the feels that have insights into your very soul.

10. There and back again

Ah, yes, as we were all saying…um…words.

9. That’s a stretch

Go on. Leave me here. I know you’ve never truly wanted me.

8. Treat her like a lady

I don’t care what the feeding situation is, I’ll bite any hand I want.

7. In tents feelings

Then the sudden shocking fear when it started to sink down on you.

6. Jitter hitters

Oh right! I’m a human! Come fellows, let us do human activities together!

5. Running on empty promises

Better start thinking of your late excuse now.

4. Taking the higher ground

Sorry, peasants. This uppy downy room is for me and me alone.

3. The invitation

Like vampires, they must wait to be beckoned in.

2. Meal marathons

What do you mean I have to eat EVERY DAY?

1. Sweet dreams

Welp, my life isn’t gonna screw itself up. Better get to work.

I know that the feelings I feel while looking at these memes is recognition. I feel seen. And I’m not sure if I wanna be?

What’s the truest meme you’ve ever seen?

Tell us in the comments.