There’s an ancient superstition that says if you see at least ten good memes in one day, and you make a wish upon the tenth one, you will have good luck for the following seven weeks.

Usually I don’t go in for superstitions, but considering this one came about in ancient times when there were not yet any memes, I think they might have been onto something.

Is it true? Only one way to find out. Let’s look at these ten good memes and then all make wishes for something, and we’ll see if our fortunes turn in the next couple months. Ready? Begin!

10. Getting snippy

But he’s my emotional support crustation.

9. Gone fishing

I understand the fish part, but the ice?

8. An unholy union

It’s the most widely spoken language in the history of humanity and it makes absolutely no sense, go figure.

7. Fight for your life

Meme aside, this is actually cool as heck.

6. Stair master

You must release your inner animal, allow it to be free.

5. Bedside manner

“We started doing this a while ago and now we just kinda keep doing it, I dunno, I just work here.”

4. Pushing my buttons

Why do you think they call it a keyboard?

3. Alive and dead

I feel like this is incorrect but I don’t know enough about quantum physics OR women to dispute you.

2. Rig it up

He’s about to play some serious Cruisin’ USA.

1. The circle of life

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one is worth about one buck.

Welp, there’s ten good memes, make a wish! But don’t tell me what it is, or it won’t come true!

What superstition do you still follow?

Tell us in the comments.