Feeling sad today? Sorry to hear that. I’m not like a doctor or a professional of any kind, but I do think I might be able to help.

They say an apple a day keeps the people away or whatever, but did you know that a meme a day keeps the sads away? And we’ve got ten memes here, so, you should be set for like, a week.

Drink in the memes and say goodbye to the blues.

10. Dangerously fun

This is just what pale people have to do when they’re in the sun.

9. Sage advice

It’s not working, bring in another truckload.

8. A hot mess

“Well, I don’t know what I was expecting.”

7. On a roll

But you chew through the pain. YOU CHEW THROUGH THE PAIN.

6. My kinda guy

You can even do it remotely!

5. On the level

Every day is Taco Tuesday if you just believe.

4. Let’s taco bout it

I’ve never been so simultaneously repulsed and in love.

3. Top that

Sorry, did you say “put your life in order” or “put in an order?”

2. Why dough

How about the bread just tells me where it’s headed and I’ll meet it there.

1. What a twist

There’s no need to be salty about it.

I hope you’re not still sad. But if you are, you can always scroll back up and look at the memes again. I mean, they’re really good memes. That’s gotta count for something.

What’s your favorite way to cheer yourself up?

Tell us in the comments.