I tried to google how many memes there were on the entire internet and while I understandably did not find an answer, I did find some info on a University College London study that examined the origins of around a hundred and sixty million memes.

That’s pretty mind-blowing to me. And pretty inspiring, too. Clearly I’ve been working with some real rookie numbers on my end. I thought I looked at memes a lot, both for this job writing these articles and also just while I’m wasting time scrolling through Imgur in bed, but 160 million? I’ve got some serious catching up to do.

Let’s start with these ten and then see how we feel.

10. Cake and toleration

I don’t think I can afford to give out that many cakes.

9. Guess who?

Oh baby I hear the bills are callin’, tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

8. Over-reaction

Not to make it even more of a cesspool than it already is but let’s be realistic…

7. Following instructions

They followed the letter of the law while ignoring the spirit of it, and for that they are heroes.

6. His and hers

I don’t want to meet the person who would be comfortable with this.

5. Talk the talk

Great, now they see that I’ve seen it.

4. I will not talk in class

I will not talk in class.

3. Growing and showing

Nobody starts perfect, so a refusal to change is never a virtue.

2. Come on and SLAM

Let it be known that THIS IS MY SPACE!

1. On the clock

Look out world, ’cause I’ve got DEPRESSION!

10 down, 159,999,990 to go.

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

Tell us in the comments, for science.