A job as demanding as nursing can be really trying on your patience and your sanity. You work incredibly long hours, you have to deal with sickness all around you, you have to manage people’s families… the list goes on and one and on.

But here’s the thing… the job REQUIRES compassion. And if you don’t have that particular trait… you might be just like these 10 nurses who might not be in the right profession.

Read on and find out about the people who care for you… you don’t really care for you.

1. Yeah… that sounds about right.

I bet they have nicknames for you too!

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2. You seriously wish that?

Punching people in hospital beds? Cool story.

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3. The 5-second rule is a myth.

You’re literally feeding them filth. Medical filth. You monster.

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4. Hey, I can understand this.

Maybe get out of the kids hospital?

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5. Oh this sounds like a set up for a video.

I think I’ve seen this one before.

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6. You still have 40+ years before you retire?

Find another f**king career!

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7. Hmmm, that seems extreme.

Kill somebody because they were flirty? Cool.

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8. Oh. My. God.

That just hurts reading it!

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9. Sounds like you’re in paradise.

Sorry, I meant hell.

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10. I think you’re being too hard on yourself.

But then again, what do I know?

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Whoa… that was quite the ride!

Have you ever encountered a nurse like this? Are you a nurse who isn’t particularly enamored of your patients?

Let us know in the comments!