I took my first improv class when I was twelve, so as you can imagine I am a very well-rounded and popular individual.

But in all seriousness I fell in love with it and pretty much never stopped until certain…2020 things…forced me into an indefinite hiatus. It’s been a major part of my life, and I’ve always appreciated Whose Line for making it a part of the public consciousness.

The “short form” games they do on the show are considered pretty basic in the community, but they’re just so stellar at them that it’s still incredible to watch.

Here are some of the best moments, via the fandoms of Tumblr.

10. That time we all clapped

I gotta show off my stuff to these people.


9. The time we got in the President’s head

Man, this is truly a throwback.


8. The time we got motivated

Honestly this is all great advice though.


7. The time we explored nature

An absolute classic.


6. The time Collin just went for it

That is the look of an impulsive line followed by immediate regret.


5. The time we stood at attention

Hey, I’ve seen this one before.


4. The time it all sucked

Honestly, who comes up with this stuff?


3. The time they were a little horse

I need David Attenborough to narrate this, please.


2. The time we enjoyed the finer things

I feel like I’m learning so much about him.


1. The time we defied physics

Anything is possible if you just use your imagination!


Of all the shows being rebooted, I for one vote that this be the next one to make a come back.

What’s your favorite Whose Line moment?

Tell us in the comments.