Back when the world was young and I was too, wrong number situations were generally pretty simple and civil. As a kid, I was used to the one-home-phone-per-family system. Cell phones were still a luxury item at that point and texting was some sort of advanced wizardry understood only by a select order of monks.

In such times, it went like this:

*phone rings*
“Hi, can I speak to ______?”
“Sorry, you have the wrong number.”
“Oh, sorry about that!”
“No problem, goodbye.”

These days though? The shenanigan possibilities are endless.

Like these!

10. Butt of the joke

This is absolutely must see TV.

9. There’s no place like phone

And you were there, and you were there, and I definitely wasn’t there.

8. Crustacean frustration

I need to know more about this potential hermit crab scam.

7. The royal we

Sorry Mario, but your princess is at another number.

6. Gouda one

There are no strangers when it comes to loving cheese.

5. You can stop

Dude doesn’t know what’s good for him.

4. Pics from last night

Is that a naked Donald Trump flying through the air or has 2020 finally broken my mind?

3. Oh I swim

When you’re bored and a little megalomaniacal.

2. You’re fired

Wait, what kind of hostile work environment does the real Donald exist in?

1. You gotta be kitten me

Come on man, don’t mess with cats.

Of all the things technology has given us, I wasn’t expecting this particular brand of fun but I’m not complaining.

Have you had a funny wrong number situation?

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