So, true story, I just a few days ago moved into my own place for the first time in my entire life. I don’t super duper wanna say how old I am, but suffice it to mention that I’m…older than the average person is when striking out without a roommate for the first time in their lives.

I’ve shared lots of different places with lots of different people. Some of them are perfectly pleasant, others are awful, most are somewhere in between.

But rarely do any hold a candle to the outrageous crap perpetrated by the people being complained about in these Reddit posts.

10. Off the cup

What kind of awful monster…

My roommate ate all of the peanut butter cups off of the cupcakes that were made from mildlyinfuriating

9. The juice is loose

A fool and his money are soon partied.

My roommate spent her paycheck too fast again, so I offered to get us liquor. It devolved into this from ChoosingBeggars

8. Pot heads

If that ain’t the most inefficient, inconvenient thing I’ve ever seen…

My roommate and I own only two pots. When he cooks with them, he stores any leftovers from his cooking in the fridge in the pots, instead of putting them in containers. from mildlyinfuriating

7. On the tube

On top of that, he rolLED IT THE WRONG WAY.

My roommate has hit new peaks of laziness from mildlyinfuriating

6. Divide and conquer

This is the sort of conversation that might be reasonable in, say, a marriage, but a roommate situation? Nah, man.

Facebook CB wants roommate to pay more rent because she makes more from ChoosingBeggars

5. Self-contained

Just wait ’till he tried to heat those tots up in the microwave.

My roommate doesn’t put his leftovers in containers either. from mildlyinfuriating

4. Hair today, gone tomorrow

Um…why are they so short and curly…

The soap bar is mine, but the hair is not. My roommate better come home bald, or else I’ll have to move from mildlyinfuriating

3. Share the wealth

I’m gonna guess this is in NYC.

Live away roommate from ChoosingBeggars

2. Control freak

Remotes are like $10 brand new, I think you’ll be fine.

My girlfriends roommate refuses to take her TV remote out of the packaging to preserve the "value" of the TV. from mildlyinfuriating

1. Getting panned

Well, now it’s just a war of the wills.

we love shitty roommates from mildlyinfuriating

Love ’em or hate ’em, most of us have to have roommates at some point, because, yanno, the economy was handed to us in ruins. So you might as well learn to laugh about ’em!

What’s the worst roommate story you’ve got?

Tell us in the comments.