I remember when Facebook was a place where you could stare at pictures of other people as long as you went to a certain school.

Now it’s more of a world-ruining-chaos-fest filled with horrors that would make Lovecraft run and hide. But at least some of it’s funny? And leave it to Reddit to collect the gems.

There are certainly plenty of posts that make you stop and ask: did someone really write this? Take these ten, for instance.

10. Come on, bud

Buyer beware, I guess.

At least he’s honest about what he’s selling? from stupidpeoplefacebook

9. Bring the heat

Sounds like you might already be a little baked yourself.

She was going to double the time too… from facepalm

8. Farm to table

I don’t even know where to begin with this.

This is why a majority of people shouldn’t vote from stupidpeoplefacebook

7. Straight up

Words are hard.

I wonder what this person thinks the word “Heterosexual” means? from stupidpeoplefacebook

6. Revolutionary ideas

Shoulda just left this on read.

It’s a new concept from facepalm

5. Layers of wrong

It would be funny if this were an outlier, less so when you realize how common this sort of thinking is.

Scrolling through Facebook and I couldn’t believe what I saw. from stupidpeoplefacebook

4. Do the math

Look, I agree, billionaires shouldn’t exist, but this is not how numbers work.

Ouch. from stupidpeoplefacebook

3. Animal farm

We are quite literally a species of ape but ok.

Be smart for once from facepalm

2. Based on a true story

I’ve got a sinking feeling this isn’t a joke.

Welp from facepalm

1. Add it up

She’s really my better half, I guess.

The confidence from stupidpeoplefacebook

The really ironic thing is that even after reading all of that, you and I both about to get back on Facebook and keep scrolling. Be sure to screenshot anything hilarious, let’s make it worth our while.

Which social media platform is the best of all time in your opinion?

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