Sometimes as you’re scrolling through Twitter you’ll find that most precious of treasures: the tweet so stupid it has to be shared.

And I’m not talking about your typical bad political take or unhinged conspiracy nonsense, I’m talking about when someone expresses a thought so ludicrous and logically inconsistent you wonder if they might actually be from another dimension.

I’m talking about a sentiment so irrational that you feel compelled to have a quality print made of it so you can mount it in a museum and just sort of marvel at its chaotic beauty.

Here are ten such instances. Read them at your own risk.

10. Origin stories

We need to have the talk.

9. Happy birthday!

The American education system, everyone.

8. It’s a sign

And why would you be celebrating it?

7. Never forget

Giraffes* are herbivores but they could still stomp you out no problem.

6. New revelations

I think we need to discuss how palindromes work.

5. Do the math

It took me three reads of this tweet just to understand how he got there.

4. Back up

Seriously does NOBODY on Twitter know what a palindrome is?

3. Opposites attract

Well you’re just really bad at being a vegan, then.

2. Turns out…

I’m 100% that lady who birthed you in a hospital.

1. Side by side

Well, consider me bike curious.

These hilarious tweets truly are marvelous, aren’t they? Some of them might be trolling for all I know, but there are many which I believe are just…sincerely…bonkers.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen posted lately?

Tell us in the comments.