It’s an uncomfortable truth that many people have to deal with: we can’t pick our parents.

And, unfortunately, having a good relationship with both (or even one) of your parents is far from a guarantee.

And that’s for a whole host of reasons. Most common among them? Our parents act in ways we simply aren’t okay with and they become estranged. It happens a lot more than people think.

The following 10 people have exactly that problem. They’re estranged from their fathers and they share what it’s like to have dads that really weren’t that good for them or their families.

Enjoy these Whisper confessions… that reveal how people really feel.

1. Can’t you just change your number?

It’s not his right to see his grandchild.

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2. Wow. That’s kind of a mind f**k.

Whenever your parents have other kids with other people… that has to be strange.

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3. It’s really tough when you actually NEED a parent.

They should always be willing to help. Always.

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4. If you can, offer your support.

And it doesn’t have to be in person. It can be a card or just a text. Anything helps.

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5. Time for therapy!

No, seriously… go talk to somebody.

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6. What a douche.

I can’t abide by people who act like this.

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7. Wait… what?

How is that even possible?!

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8. Sounds like you need to sit your hubby down…

…and read him the riot act. This is NOT cool.

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9. Ugh… substance abuse can destroy so many lives.

Tell your dad to get to AA, stat!

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10. So it runs in the family? How interesting!

MTF means Male to Female, which means the former son is now the current daughter… to her new mom… which used to be her dad.

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That last relationship… wow, right? Can you imagine having that kind of bond with your father/mother, but not being able to share it? Truly wild.

What do you think about these confessions? Any of them hit a nerve? Have a story of your own you’d like to share?

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