What must be going through somebody’s mind when they discover that they could actually save somebody’s life?

Would you jump at the chance? Would you think twice? Would you be scared out of your mind?

In these honest confessions, 10 people share the stories about the time they were matches for a transplant, and what happened.

10. That’s a reason for living if I’ve ever heard one.

Sometimes life provides us with the answers, even when we’re not looking for them.

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9. This is an impossible decision.

I guess it depends on how much you want your dream, right?

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8. Good things happen to good people!

Always remember that.

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7. Did you forgive her? Was she sorry?

If the answer to those two questions is “Yes”… then you might consider it.

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6. This is so tragic.

Perhaps he could turn his life around if he were given a second chance? Addiction is a powerful thing.

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5. Great! That’s the best attitude.

Doesn’t it make you feel more alive to help somebody in need?

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4. I love reading stories like this.

We all have the capacity to great things if given the opportunity.

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3. Sounds like she’ll get the help she needs!

Humans are awesome.

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2. If you’re anything like the others in this thread, it’ll happen!

The waiting game begins!

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1. Sometimes it works out that way.

You can’t give both of them away. Otherwise it sounds like you would!

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Did you learn anything new? Were you inspired to sign up as a donor?

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