It seems like everyone at some point ends up dating a partner who then all other partners are forever compared to in our minds.

For better or for worse, that’s just what happens. Often times, this person was simply the first real relationship we ever had, and so it became the rubrik. Sometimes the comparison stems from it having been especially bad, or maybe “the one that got away” good.

But on a more shallow realm, we have to admit that sometimes we compare our partners based on looks alone. That’s the kind of thing happening in the mind of the people who wrote these anonymous contributions.

10. “I’m in a perfect relationship…”

Sounds like you should find a way to just let that go.

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9. “So freaking hot”

And what do you do when that won’t leave your head?

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8. “I can’t say this s**t to anyone.”

Yeah, I’d say that’s more of an inside thought.

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7. “I still use my ex girlfriend’s pics.”

What do you use the pics fo- oooooooohhh.

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6. “Every time I see him…”

Don’t give in! It’s real bad!

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5. “FML”

It be like that sometimes.

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4. “However I’m much happier.”

Looks aren’t everything.

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3. “I think…”

Dun dun duuuun!

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2. “My ex is a model”

Not worth it, my dude.

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1. “The best thing about her is…”

Screw what anybody else thinks, it’s not their relationship.

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We really are pieces of work, huh?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

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