I’ve worked both professionally and and as a hobbyist on film sets and I know probably better than most people that every cool image you see had a lot of work put into making it happen.

Often that work is not at all glamorous. Sometimes it’s downright weird, or even demeaning. Occasionally it’s dangerous. You very much enter a mindset of “hey, whatever gets the job done” and you just start grabbing anything you can that might be helpful.

If you’re working without budget (and without permission) things can get especially strange. And that’s never more evident than in the world of amatuer photogs trying to bolster their social media presence.

10. Look at these two

That’s a public street, yo.

9. Leaf me alone

I’m actually very curious to see how that shot turned out.

8. Sidewalk saunter

Nobody’s gonna be looking, right?

7. Swing and a miss

Or, hit, as the case may be.

6. Honest Abe

Not really the place, honey.

5. Irony alert

Everybody huddle together now, we don’t want to miss catching this.

4. Seize your opening

“Sir you’re really supposed to wear a shirt in here.”

3. A bridge too far

This is gonna be quite a story for the memorial service.

2. Winds of change

When nature just won’t do her part.

1. Through the roof

Meanwhile I’m getting tickets for rolling to a stop at the sign.

I understand the need to get the shot, but for the love of God, be careful, and be considerate.

What’s the greatest length you’ve gone to in order to snap a picture?

Tell us in the comments.