You know that thing where you can’t think of a specific word? And you just kinda describe it or guess around it or whatever?

There’s a word for that, I’m sure. Ironically, I can’t think of it, so I’m trying to describe it or guess around it.

But that’s not nearly as embarrassing as what a lot of these folks are dealing with. Some of the people on the internet are fighting so hard to get the words out that you almost fear that they may lose the battle, like these examples via Reddit.

10. Hot food, comin’ through!

If I won nineteen thousand dollars, what I was gonna have for dinner that night might be the furthest thing from my mind.

Flaming Yawn from BoneAppleTea

9. Bond, flames bond

The man who knew too little.

Yee-haw! Nothing like a good old fashioned "Bond Fire"! from BoneAppleTea

8. Can I have some more due please?

Will there be nothing further, sir?

"further of due" from BoneAppleTea

7. Poetry attempts

If that doesn’t win their heart over, I genuinely don’t know what will.

bread from ihadastroke

6. Know Joe

We did it Joe…

Drunk friends are quality comedians from ihadastroke

5. Pea wall things

It’s kind of impressive to get something so common this wrong.

Pee wall things from wildbeef

4. Gourmet, and gonna stay that way

I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.

my mom’s back at it again from ihadastroke

3. Just in case

Bro that’s basically just tortilla.

Case idea from BoneAppleTea

2. “An eventful night”

When you got the spins so hard that the spins got you.

Asking how my friend was feeling after she had an eventful night from ihadastroke

1. So cool

Why, because it’s cold?

Shivery does exist from BoneAppleTea

If you DO come across that words I was trying to think of, put in a good word for me.

What’s a time recently when you did really bad with words?

Tell us in the comments.