It happens to all of us.

You’re scrolling through the internet when suddenly you stop. You stare. Your brain cranks into overdrive attempting to comprehend exactly what it’s seeing. You try to resist the urge to react out loud, but your instincts take over. Your mouth parts as your brow furrows, and with a confusion as deep as any mammal has experienced on this strange little planet, you utter the words “Wait…what?”

If you don’t do that at least a few times while looking at these posts, you’re some sort of god.

10. The hall of cost

I cannot make a joke about this. I am not allowed. Just read it for yourself.

9. Live and let liver

When you make the right choice for the wrong reason.

8. Gotta admit

You know the whole internet can see the whole internet, right?

7. Math is a lie

I certainly look dumb trying to do physics but I’m pretty sure it’s real.

6. Socially insecure

Damn, she’s foiled our plans yet again.

5. Country music

I bless the rains down in Australia…

4. The hollow cost

Wait, AGAIN with this?!

3. Code of conduct

If it makes you feel any better, you won’t have to deal with that code much longer.

2. Yikes yikes yikes

Yikes, yikes yikes yikes yikes. Yikes yikes? Yikes.

1. High definition

Bruh you can afford the 80HD? I’ve like a 30″ 720p, no fair.

The internet is certainly a confusing place. Good thing it’s so cute and funny or we all might have left long ago.

What’s the strangest post you’ve seen lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.