I don’t know who invented puns, but if they weren’t long dead I’d say we needed to track those individuals down and try them before an international court for their crimes against humanity or something. Because as we all know, puns are the worst. They’re infuriating. They make our blood boil and our eyes roll back in our heads and yet we can’t. Stop coming back. For more.

What is it that’s so compelling about an anger-inducing pun? Let’s look at some now and try to figure it out.

10. Soil sport

This is blooming into something wonderful.

9. Shocking revelations

You gotta stay positive.

8. Hot dates

Made in the shades.

7. Well well well

Water we have here?

6. Holy crap

The church of Slater Day Saints.

5. Clowning around

Puns by the numbers.

4. High aspirations

It’s definitely not safe.

3. Snake it out

They work for scale.

2. Eye see what you did there

You have much to learn, my pupil.

1. Water those?

They’re just trying to get a head.

If you managed to make it through that entire list without having some sort of aneurism, you have much to teach the rest of us in the ways of anger management. Personally, I found the experience very PUNishing. Might do something drastic and end up in the PUNitentiary.

What’s the best/worst pun you know?

Hit us with ’em in the comments. We can take it. We’re pretty sure.