The internet is truly filled with wonders. As far as the eye can see, there are posts of all sorts, waiting to delight us, like small treasures found along a path we didn’t even know we’d be traveling today. Plus, unlike most paths traveled, I don’t even have to actually stand up, so that’s a bonus.

In that spirit, won’t you journey with me now through the fields of funny posts? That we may revel in them together? Amen?

Here are ten great funny things you didn’t know you’d be seeing today.

10. Drop it like it’s hot

These Tony Hawk Pro Skater mods are getting out of control.

9. Pour it over

“Need to” and “going to” are two very different things.

8. The horror

And they don’t wanna be there any more than you do.

7. Dark times

That’s what you get for being lame.

6. Ultimate power

You know he’s got this tech in his garage already.

5. Romaine calm

It knows when to strike and when to hold back.

4. Goblin’ it up

Hey, we all gotta play the hand we’re dealt.

3. Get off my lawn

Turn it down!

2. You know too much

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

1. A balanced diet

I see nothing wrong here.

What a wonderful little journey through the internet. Join me on the next one, how about? We’ll stroll again together and discover more treasures then.

What’s your favorite place to find the internet’s gems?

Tell us all about it in the comments, won’t you?