Robin Williams, when pontificating about his struggles with addiction following his rise to fame, once said “Coc**ne is God’s way of telling you that you have too much money.”

I think about that quote a lot, because I think there are LOTS of indications that someone has too much money. For instance, you might find yourself purchasing something like this thing spotted in the wild by Twitter user @lexilafluer.

And just look at those five star reviews! To those of us who are broke, this is like staring at an alien civilization. What in the heck is going on here? How do you throw cash at this? And what other object purchases indicate that you probably have way too much money?

Well, for starters, these.

10. Gloved Silk Double Satin Bolero – $740

Thanks, that’s my new band name.

9. Neiman Marcus Tamales – $92

What? Why? HOW?

8. Phone Cord Necklace – $2,000

I guess we need to repurpose all of those somehow.

7. Supreme Brick – $300

These will be useful when the revolution comes.

6. Skin Cream – $1,290

This had better literally send me back in time.

5. Golden Ratio Hair Roller – $280

So very high class.

4. Diamond Bangle Bracelet – $33,370

That only cost like, 3 times as much as my car. That’s fine. We’re all fine.

3. Shrimp Cocktail Bag – $1,495

Whoa, a $40 bonus?! What a deal!

2. Bra Purse – Priceless

For carrying your stuff.

1. Ceramic Vase – $600


Yeah, definitely too much money.

What’s the biggest purchase you’ve made recently?

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