The “starter pack” meme is one of my favorite meme formats.

It’s a pretty simple idea, you just have to choose a few things you associate with a different thing, then you label it a starter pack, and everybody laughs.

Instant internet fame. Everyone loves you. You are now rich. You live happily ever after.

Don’t’ understand what I mean? Well, just have a look at these!

10. Teachable moments

Don’t forget “they won’t let you get away with this sort of thing in college.”

The “upset teacher” starter pack from starterpacks

9. Slake your thirst

Cats are just these weird trickster gods sent to torment us, I swear.

Things My Cat Will Drink Out Of from starterpacks

8. Just kidding

These are sacred rites of passage.

Things we all did as kids starter pack from starterpacks

7. Oh, man

The bar is set pretty low.

Real Man In 2020 Starterpack from starterpacks

6. Danger zone

I encountered quicksand for the first time in my life the other day.
It was cool, but underwhelming.

Things I thought were huge problems when I was a kid starter pack from starterpacks

5. The skin of your teeth

How have dentists not been banned by the Geneva convention?

Sadistical torturer starter pack (OC) from starterpacks

4. Wake up call

Oh, were you finally getting a little bit of rest?
Allow me to sing you the song of my people.

Having a nap starter pack from starterpacks

3. Special ingredients

Is it in you?

The "I’m not getting the vaccine because I don’t know what’s in it" starter pack: from starterpacks

2. Cabin in the woods

Just a real typical time.

The Fun Weekend Trip With Friends Starterpack from starterpacks

1. Opening arguments

Nobody in the history of ever has intentionally booted up Microsoft Edge.

The “oh shit I didn’t mean to open that” Starterpack from starterpacks

If you’d like to start making starter pack memes, consider this your starter pack meme starter pack. Just start unpacking and soon enough you’ll be packing starter pack memes!


If you were called in as an expert to create a starter pack on one topic, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.