There’s nobody in the world who can escape the draw of Twitter. Not for very long, anyway. Sure, we all say “that’s enough for now,” but pretty soon we’re crawling back to our apps for more.

And who could blame us? For all the stress and the noise, there are little nuggets in there that are so good they rival even the chicken variety.

It’s that sort of greatness that compels us to reenter the fray, and we are all but powerless to resist.

Here’s the thing though – this list is just the tasty nuggets. None of the other stuff. You’re welcome. Chow down.

10. Absolute breakdown

We’re all there all the time now.

9. Highway hypnosis

There’s a snake in my existential ennui.

8. A light touch

Nobody show my girlfriend this tweet.

7. Single serving

Loudest and proudest, baby.

6. Bio hacking

I see what you did there, and you ought to be very ashamed.

5. Nussy

We are entering territory no conception of God could forgive.

4. K

Oh, so you wanna fight now? Is that what we’re doing?

3. Virgin edibles

You’re just talking about food, my man. That’s called food.

2. The great divide

Which version of awful sophistication do you prefer?

1. Double standards

What’s the point in having such a big nose if you don’t look down it all the time?

Not necessarily nutritious, but definitely a delicious internet snacky spread. Satisfying as all get out. Now if only we had dipping sauce…

Who are your favorite Twitter personalities right now?

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