I think at this point “Ok, boomer” has all but worn itself out as a meme. Personally though, I found its origins pretty interesting.

It seems to me to be an expression of exasperation. I’m certainly not a kid, but I know that when I find myself talking with older folks about extremely important subjects, the bubble they appear to live in prevents them from engaging with it in a helpful or even reality-based way. “Ok, boomer” is just sort of a sigh. Like “You do you, I guess.”

But what happens when boomers DO do them? Let’s see what Twitter considers to be “Boomer culture.”

10. Help help I’m being oppressed!

I hope when the cops get these calls they just laugh and say “get gud.”

9. Color commentary

And everybody slowly cringes themselves under the table.

8. Coffee conundrums

They’re just mad they can’t have caffeine anymore.

7. Get off!

The grass is always greener when you have some grass.

6. Once you pop…

It’s because you put all those dang games on here.

5. Wouldn’t it be grand

Honestly if that’s what it is then sign me up.

4. Picture perfect

This is good though. Our arms really aren’t long enough for this crap.

3. Killer instinct

Shamu swam in a sad circle for thirty years, Barbara, let it go.

2. The right stuff

And they all look vaguely angry.

1. Oh, dear

What are you, afraid they’re gonna run away?

Don’t like those jokes? Ok, boomer.

What would you add to this list?

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