Tumblr is a pretty magical place, but it’s also an insightful one. You may be scrolling mindlessly, but that doesn’t mean you’re not feeding your mind.

You can learn things there on a wide variety of subjects, things you probably won’t learn anywhere else because they’re probably not even true. But they sure are fun. And anybody who can put the “fun” into “fun facts” is a-ok in my book.

Here’s what Tumblr has to teach us on just a few random topics:

10. Personal motivation

It’s important not only to examine what we do, but why we do it.


9. Interpersonal emotional intelligence

Fun fact: this is why I physically cannot watch the first couple seasons of The Office.


8. Translation and linguistics

Remember, languages don’t spring up on their own out of nowhere. They evolve, like a branching family tree.


7. Music theory and literature

You need to copyright this idea quick because it’s genius and somebody’s gonna steal it.


6. Olfactory perception

Introducing Nonsense by Calvin Klein.


5. Mythical cryptozoology

We’re all Squonks deep down, I guess.


4. Neurology and memory

Some things just stick more easily than others.


3. Rodent experimentation

Imagine a mouse, but full of himself.


2. Psychology

Evil, stupid, or both? The American politics story.


1. Advanced necromancy

Cool, cool cool cool cool. *covertly dials 911*


I feel just about as educated as anybody can be now. I’m practically a doctor.

What’s your favorite “fun fact?”

Tell us in the comments.