We all deal with wrong number situations every once in a while. The only eventful one I ever had was a groggy 3:00 am call from a very angry mother who apparently thought I had her daughter’s phone. I wasn’t awake enough to have the wherewithal to explain the misunderstanding. Kind of lucky I made it out alive?

Here are ten wrong number texting instances that are significantly more amusing:

10. Passing down the wisdom

And the cat’s in the cradle at the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon…

9. Dog gone it

Look me in the eyes – I mean this – I will never complain about strangers sending me pictures of cute dogs.

8. I see your point

Hold on. Your bar hopping group is 201? That’s gonna be a hell of an Uber bill.

7. Some native advice

What can we say but yikes yikes yikes?

6. Communication issues

Maybe Ryan is trying but you keep talking to wrong numbers.

5. Victor/Victoria

Gotta admire the guy for shooting his shot anyway.

4. Stomp the yard

Plot twist: green text came up with a quick lie to avoid getting beat.

3. Drunk dialing

Really pouring your heart out there.

2. Hmmmmm!

What blows my mind about this is that it would apparently be completely out of character for the intended recipient to want a breakfast burrito.

1. Moral support

This is a lot for a simple wrong number.

Of all the texts zipping around in the air, I’m glad these particular ones found each other. It’s for the best.

Have you had a wrong number situation?

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