Marriage is tough, and A LOT of them end in divorce.

Yeah, did you know more than half don’t work out? Which makes you think about doing it in the first place. It has absolutely made me question whether or not it’ll ever happen for me.

And hey, if it DOES happen, the one thing I’ll be sure NOT to do is cheat. I mean, it’s 2020. There are SO many opportunities to have an understanding with your partner that you don’t have to cheat.

Here’s the real deal… people cheat because it’s exciting and their lives just aren’t any longer.

Find out what happened to 10 people who did just that.

1. It’s hard to let love go.

But you have to, man!

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2. Well, that’s a horrible reason.

It’s a broken home right now, dummy!

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3. Coward.

Just fess up and get on with your life!

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4. Now… do you really have to break up?

Can’t there just be an agreement?

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5. There’s no such thing as karma.

But there is such a thing as an a**hole… and that’s you.

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6. Yeah, time to tell her the truth.

And get into therapy, stat!

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7. I can’t be angry with this guy.

If your partner won’t give you the basic needs… it’s gonna happen with somebody else.

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8. Ouch.

This one hurts my soul a little.

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9. Well, at least you’ve got a hobby.

A horrible hobby, but a hobby nonetheless!

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10. Hmmm, looks like you did marriage wrong.

Sorry, no soup for you.

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So what do you think? Have anything you want to get off your chest?

We’re not telling you to tell us anything revealing in the comments… but you could tell us about any anonymous friends who did something.

Just saying…