There’s this weird thing that can happen when you’ve heard a word or a phrase a lot but you’ve never actually seen it written, then you yourself go to write it for the first time.

Sometimes it just results in what looks like a typo, but other times, it’s the funniest thing in the world. It’s most understandable when you’re dealing with, say, a foreign phrase (English speakers trying to phonetically stab at “bon appetit” has become an entire meme on its own, for example.) But sometimes, when the word of phrase if from your native language, and you STILL manage to get it so incredibly wrong, the best you can expect is some hard stares from the folks around you.

And maybe you should read a little more often, lest you end up on one of these Reddit posts.

10. Stone cold

I’m a little bit nervous about what’s gonna happen after this calm.

Calm be for the stone from BoneAppleTea

9. Glob ladders

Climbing your way toward better health!

Glob ladders from BoneAppleTea

8. Which came first?

Ya’ll are both wrong and you need to sit down.

egg corn from BoneAppleTea

7. Sensitive subjects

Wow, you’re really hitting him where it hurts.

Why are you so ego testicle from BoneAppleTea

6. Spell it out

Nevermind, I’ve lost my appetite.

Chipotle gone wrong from ihadastroke

5. Congratulations!

Weirdest bar mitzvah ever.

Mazel tov cocktail from BoneAppleTea

4. The big laugh

Is this a funnier sequel to The Big Short?

Big laugh from wildbeef

3. Watch out!

There’s no hiding from dat acid.

That ass hid is strong! from BoneAppleTea

2. Hoot hoot

When words fail, sounds will always be there for us.

*owl from ihadastroke

1. Root for the home team!

And now you’re gonna find yourself at some wild conventions.

Mascots are now called team furries in our house from technicallythetruth

Hope you found those as delicious as we did. Bone apple tea!

What’s a time you couldn’t figure out words?

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