They say that beggars can’t be choosers but I feel like that’s not quite accurate. Maybe the idiom should be “Beggars shouldn’t be choosers.” Because a lot of folks aren’t about to let a little thing like an enormously socially off putting impossibility stand in the way of being jerks for fun.

Here are ten times people said screw it and decided to just be way too ridiculously demanding for their own good.

10. “No. I like your art style.”

That’s not how being a client works, my dude.

9. “So annoying.”

Are you confusing their house with your house?

8. “Exploit these talents.”

This is from a real article on tips for how to have a free wedding.
If it’s a professional, pay them. If it’s not a professional, don’t expect the pictures to be good.

7. “Like taco truck.”

Your negotiation skills are terrible.

6. “Company confidential.”

Let’s say you get a degree in marketing, then immediately get jobs in that field and keep them for 20 years.
At that point, you’re at least 42 years old.

5. “Only 250 dresses.”

That…seems like a lot of dresses, honestly.

4. “Just because I say I want something doesn’t mean I want it!”

You sound like an absolute joy to be with.

3. “Can you just send me the money?”

I don’t think you understand how any of this works.

2. “Email only please.”

I love the idea that people think their request to have a stranger take time out of their day/week to run errands for them is going to be so bombarded with offers that they need to narrow them down to a single channel of communication.

1. “Hustling like crazy.”

“Hey small business on the verge of bankruptcy, can I have some free stuff?”

What can we say but yikes?

Do you have a story of pure audacity like this?

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