Many of us have been redefining what “going to work” means lately.

For instance, I’m not writing this from an office, I’m writing it from my home office. Well, actually, from my girlfriend’s home office in her home, so kind of a temp office for mine? A remote remote working situation?

And yet no matter where we find ourselves as we hunker down to do the job, there are certain experiences that just remain universally true, and all universal truths must be tweeted.

Here are ten tweets about work you’ll understand no matter where you’re at.

10. Who can say?

If I tweet about it in all caps, do I get to stay home forever?

9. The ultimate restraint

“Do I want the satisfaction or do I want to have a job tomorrow?”

8. Waking the dragon

Because you know that even if the answer is yes, the vibe is gonna be no.

7. New rules

What do you MEAN I control my own thermostat?

6. Bucking the system

Have you tried assaulting an unarmed person cause that seems to work for some professions.

5. Normalize it!

With a one hour break.

4. Difficult to say

I would call myself a problem, yes.

3. Cutting you off

Psh. You sound just like my trial lawyer.

2. Pay day’s here

Aaaaand it’s gone.

1. Time travel

It’s gonna be a dog day afternoon.

Work is work no matter where you’re at. But at least fewer of us have to wear pants now.

What’s work been like for you this year?

Tell us in the comments.