Oh boy, it’s my favorite time again! Twitter time! Time for tweets! And the twits who write those tweets!

Sorry, I just get so excited. It’s not every day that you get to scroll a collection of funny tweets. Oh, what’s that? I’m being told it actually IS every day that I get to do this. I’m being told that it’s pretty much all I do. I’m being told I need to get out into that big bad world and really make something of myself. Ok, thanks for the tip, mystery voice!

Anyway, while I’m figuring that out, you should enjoy these 10 hilarious tweets just for fun.

10. Devil’s advocate

“I don’t hold horrible opinions, I just feel the need to constantly defend them in theory, for some reason.”

9. One by one

Well jeepers Pedro, that’s the evilest thing I can imagine.

8. Meet me in the middle

I dub thee very clever.

7. Reaction time

It’s called being a lurker and it is a proud tradition.

6. Light of my life

I just know they’re having a party in there when I can’t see them.

5. Foam to the dome

My dad was a PE teacher and these littered our garage.

4. Season’s greetings

Put the candy in the basket and nobody gets hurt.

3. To be exact

If we get it down to the second then SURELY we’ll achieve inner peace and know ourselves.

2. Tough times

It’s cool, we can use this sink as a nursery.

1. The nose knows

This meme just gets better and better.

And with that, Tweet time ends. Until the next tweet time starts. Which should be any minute now…

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