I’ve always felt that I’m a strange sort of contradiction in personality.

On the one hand, I’ve worked most of my life as a performer, including a lot of improvised stuff, which means stepping on a stage in front of a bunch of people with absolutely no safety net. Rarely has any permutation of performance made me uncomfortable. I feel like I’m in my element on stage. A hundred people watching? A thousand? Is there a script? Is there a plan? Whatever. No sweat.

On the other hand, invite me to a party and watch me stare at my feet for two hours and count the minutes until I’m in my room again.

Point being, I 100% empathize with the introverts, because I definitely am one the vast majority of the time. Here’s some funny tweets about it.

10. Glass houses

This feels like it would by Tony Stark’s vacation home or something.

9. A life of contradictions

What’s the kind of lonely where you think everybody needs to stay away?

8. Simple requests

You know what, never mind, sorry I said anything.

7. Room to grow

“Aw man, but that’s where all my stuff is!”

6. Go away

No man left behind, unless they feel like it.

5. Stare and stare alike

Look at me! I’m a person!

4. A feeling coming over me

There’s not a whole lot worse in this world.

3. What do I have left?

Hi, police? Yeah, sorry to bother you but…

2. Righting wrongs

If being right is wrong, I don’t wanna…be?

1. Beneath the mask

To be perfectly honest, I kind of love getting to show less of my face to humanity.

Just remember, if someone wants to be left alone, they’re not wrong, and they don’t need you giving them a hard time about it. Pick up a book once in a while. You’ll start to get it.

Are you an introvert? Extrovert? Both, somehow?

Tell us in the comments.