Early in our relationship my girlfriend was asking me what kind of food I liked and I told her, as I often do, that I’m really kinda good with anything. No dietary restrictions, no major allergies, not a ton of strong preferences, I’m chill.

But then something earth-shattering happened – she got more specific. And as she started listing foods and ingredients and asking about them one by one, I realized that I was saying “no” way more often than I’d anticipated.

Was I, in fact, a picky little baby man after all? Had I been lying to myself all these years?

I’m still not over it.

To help me cope with my newfound identity as a picky eater, here are ten tweets from people who can commiserate.

10. Gotta go fast

Get it? Fast? Like, not eating? My genius is wasted on you people.

9. No Tom

Yeah just bring me a food without all the food on it, thanks.

8. Nothing to sneeze at

I’m allergic to stuff that tastes gross, that’s what I am.

7. Look it over

Excuse me, do you know what wine pairs best with chiccy nugs?

6. End of the world


5. It’s a sign

“This is not a sandwich. Move along.”

4. The horror

“You’ll like it, I promise.” – the greatest lie ever told

3. A brave face

You’re a terrible liar but a very sweet kid.

2. Pick it apart

Why even do this to pizza in the first place? What did pizza ever do to you?

1. Lettuce celebrate

It’s the little things in life that make it worthwhile.

You may choose to call it being picky. We choose to call it high standards.

What’s one food you absolutely can’t stand?

Tell us in the comments.