I think the reason it’s called dating is because you set dates to hang out and then fill the rest of the dates worrying/thinking about those select dates. It’s a whole calendar of fun.

And on those dates where you’re pondering the other dates, or the lack thereof, you might just need a place to vent your thoughts on the subject.

That’s where Twitter comes in – the ultimate thought receptacle for literally anything, including our funny woes and frustrations from the world of finding love.

Here are ten great examples.

10. Watch it grow

We don’t all have random $50+ bouquet delivery enabling bank accounts, but ok.

9.  So very cruel

Look, not to keep milking this but…

8. Duty calls

No but I did breathe a lot of wilds, so that was good.

7. I mean, it’s not like you had anything else to do.

A hobby is a hobby… right?

6. Something fishy

He’s really out there kicking bass.

5. Daily dose

Except the goal is to prevent a miraculous birth.

4. Drama alert

It’s not so much a hurricane as it is a flash flood.

3. Aw, shucks

Op, just gonna sext right past ya there.

2. Yeah baby

“I’m very nurturing and caring, not that I would ever want to be.”

1. Lack of trust

I really really really hope they yelled “yeet.”

The dating world might not be perfect, or easy, or a lot of fun, or something that gets better with time, but…um…hmm. Forgot where I was going with that.

What’s your biggest piece of dating advice?

Share it with us in the comments.