Does anybody else remember the Twitter fail whale? I’m not kidding, this was a thing.

In the early days of Twitter, they were very much still working out the kinks in terms of their programming and their servers. They grew in popularity pretty quickly and their infrastructure wasn’t quite equipped to keep up with it all, so Twitter crashes were pretty common. Like, the whole site would just go down. And when it did, there was this graphic of a whale being hoisted up my birds. The fail whale.

Luckily, those days of failure are all behind us. Nothing but success on Twitter now. Like these highly successful tweets.

10. Bumbling around

For want of a boot.

9. See no evil

I do find though that it’s equally weird to see new stuff coming out that was written like two years ago?
Before literally the entire world changed?

8. Dolla bills

If you stared at me doing my job from a distance it would probably look like nothing.

7. Eye of the beholder

“You’re my insignificant other” is a pretty brutal breakup line.

6. Crushing it

These are the surefire signs.

5. Moo kid on the block

I need to know what games these are so I can play them all.

4. It’s truancy, then

That’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make.

3. Dirty dancing

Sounds hot, I’m in.

2. Trick up my sleeve

Even better.

1. Financial analysis

Ah, thank you, that’s much clearer.

Final score – Twitter: 10, me: also 10.

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