Some days are exhausting, but others truly inspire you to reach for a better tomorrow. And an even BETTER day after tomorrow. And a far MORE SUPERIOR Thursday after next, even.

But where do we find such inspiration? Perhaps in the smile of a child. Or in a new innovation. In an encouraging speech from a loved one. Or, in random tweets.

You see, there’s something great to be divined out of even the banal, and today we’re going to prove that by mining out everything we can from these tweets.

10. Have a daily routine

I do this too, and it works for me! I mean, it doesn’t work, but I DO do it!

9. Do your share

Give it to my “Twitter verified bigshot sister” over here.

8. Embrace the silence

Even if it costs you everything.

7. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame

Or, in the case of bad drivers everywhere, infamy.

6. Be bold

Finally, some more good news.

5. Know your circle

Your network is your net worth, never forget that, sweaty.

4. Celebrate the highs and the lows

That would be one incredible speech I’m sure.

3. Express yourself

She’s gonna play Not-Paris-Hilton?

2. Strike a balance

It’s all stupid anyway, don’t worry about it.

1. Get engaged

Even if absolutely nobody asked you to.

There now, don’t you feel inspired? Like you could take on the world?! Or at least a sandwich?! I COULD TOTALLY TAKE ON A SANDWICH RIGHT NOW.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

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