How’s your day going so far? Good? Bad? Hangin’ in there?

No matter what state you may find yourself in, there’s nothing that a few good tweets can’t make better.

Good tweets like these, for instance, from some of the funniest ladies on Twitter!

10. Dog gone

“I don’t know what I did but I’m gonna keep doing it.” – dog, probably

9. Santa, Baby

Psh, I don’t even have a budget for the micro machine.

8. By the numbers

I swear there used to be more…

7. Wait for it

This reminds me a lymric I wrote:

There once was the strangest of gents
Who kept everyone in suspense
He said “Get ready!”
And “Hold yourself steady!”

6. That’s trippy

It’s a matter of pride, and also of stairs. It’s a matter of stairs and pride.

5. Eyes on the prize

It will always be there for you. Watching. Waiting. Commiserating.

4. The yuck factor

I love pouring ranch on a salad. Like “boy these leafy greens sure are healthy, butter smother them in fat.”

3. We can do it!

This whole scene is like burned into my brain.

2. Mr. Sir Boy!

A friend of mine recently referred to her cat as a “woman” and I don’t know why but it really messed with my head.

1. Dead serious

If I was half as good at doing things as I am talking myself out of doing things, I’d be rich.

See? Your day is better already! No need to thank us. Thank Twitter. It’s the real hero here.

Who are your favorite people to follow on the platform?

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