Hey sorry if this is too personal a question but are you like, in the bathroom right now? It’s cool if you are, I’m not here to judge. In fact, I do it all the time, and what I like to have alongside me for a nice long potty sit are some good tweets to read.

So in the spirit of all that, I hope you like these tweets?

And I hope your um…session goes well.

10. Oy, mate

I was gonna say I’m pretty sure that’s Adam Driver but to each their own.

9. Special effects

Well, if you can’t celebrate the little things…

8. An explosion of flavor

He appears to be surprised, but not in the least bit sorry.

7. Wall to wall

Cool cool cool cool, you’re gonna need to go ahead and move out immediately.

6. Inception

How come nobody in Star Wars has ever said those words together?

5. Screening process

Oh cool now I’m sad about everything, thanks.

4. Highway hypnosis

How are any of us even alive at this point?

3. Lawless times

I mean, Google exists so just better hope they don’t check anything.

2. A great personality

I had to learn how to cope with it all somehow.

1. Nun of your business

Dude I would have so many questions, that is a thoroughly trippy episode.

Don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re done. Also, other people need to use the room, you should probably get up now.

What’s your favorite thing to scroll through in the bathroom?

Tell us in the comments.