I like my memes a little weird, personally. The kind that if you show them to someone, they’re either gonna laugh really hard or just kinda furrow their brow. Nothing in between.

No polite chuckle memes over here. Just the kind of stuff that either makes you angry or puts you in hysterics.

Join me on this tour and celebration of weird memes, won’t you?

10. Spoiler alert

It’s all about the context; context is key.

9. Music is my language

You gotta listen to the notes he’s NOT playing.

8. Put it bluntly

Why don’t we just call them what they are: squiggle wiggle danger shockies.

7. Linked up

God bless video game glitches and all that they do for us.

6. Dabbing through the ages

He tried to go back in time to prevent WWII and ended up making memes instead.

5. On the net

Aye, three thousand holes and none of them worth watchin’.

4. Origin stories

If they made Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat a Marvel villain it would probably be the best one yet.

3. Fitting in

Try to look intimidated, I’m the hero of this story.

2. Bless you

Hail block, full of coins.

1. Cock of the block

“I guess I’ll have the chicken then.”

You’re either laughing or staring blankly now. Either way, I have won.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.