There are a lot of advantages to so many of us working from home these days. But there are some drawbacks too. For instance, you might just end up spending an inordinate amount of “work” time staring at memes instead. I guess that’s kind of a pro and a con.

And it’s something we’re definitely going to further enable right now by showing you all these funny work memes.

10. Dead serious

I don’t want anybody here saying my name even one time.

9. Time flies

When nine hundred years you work, look as good you will not.

8. A marked improvement

I could do without the morning part of my morning routine if I’m being honest.

7. Step by step

If you’re looking to climb higher, this is the perfect plan.

6. Movin’ on down

The worst day of your life so far.

5. Party off

For something called Zoom it sure does seem to make time crawl by.

4. Wine and whine

“I just like to try to have a cheerful attitude, yanno?”

3. The sixth pension

To be fair, “I see dead people” could easily describe most office environments.

2. Don’t look

Oops, technical difficulties I guess.

1. It’s contagious

I think that’s a unanimous vote that we oughta call it a day.

And with that, it’s time we wrapped things up with the traditional “see-who-successfully-leaves-the-video-meeting-first” ritual.

What’s the best or worst job you ever had?

Tell us about it in the comments.