Guys, we really need to slow our roll because we’re sending the gals A LOT of questionable shizz these days… and they are not holding back on sharing it with the world. Not at all.

I mean… you could call the following “overbearing”, but I think I’d call it more psychopathic. Or sociopathic. Whichever of those apply… I frankly always get them mixed up.

It’s time to marvel (and cringe) at the texts the guys are sending gals… which border on harassment.

Should these be illegal? You tell us.

1. Lol… pro response… probably accurate.

2. This guy!

3. You might change your mind…

4. Putting a spell on you.

5. One word: creeper!

Wow…guys…let’s take it down a notch, okay?

6. This doesn’t even BEGIN to be okay..

7. You need to take that back!

8. SUPER weird.

9. Oh, that’s fair…. heh.

10. Doesn’t seem like an accident to me…

11. Still messaged you, eh?.

So, we’ve got a question for the gals… has anything like this ever happened to you? Yeah it has.

If it’s not too triggering… share what happened in the comments!