I can’t count the number of times that I’ve thrown my arms up, exasperated, and said “Look, I’m trying my best!”

I’ve tried my best to count how many times that’s happened, but I failed. Because it turns out, my best isn’t really all that good.

My best is a normal person’s average. My 10 is general 5. But it’s all I’ve got, darn it, so I’m just gonna keep trying. And I’m gonna keep looking at memes about other people who are similarly struggling to do life.

11. Risk assessment

Bombs away, I guess.

10. Doesn’t add up

So even with a machine whose entire function is doing math perfectly, I’m still wrong.

9. Mixed signals

Am I really this stupid or are you just confusing?

8. Down the drain

Oh crap, oh man, there’s gotta be an undo button around here somewhere, right?

7. Give me a break

This is how close I am to snapping right now.

6. Pull the trigger

It breaks my heart to break their imaginary hearts.

5. Feel the fizz

Man, that’s the best part of the drink.

4. Lean in

Somebody give me a sign!

3. Can’t handle it

Can’t believe I pulled it off again.

2. Self-sabotage

It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy.

1. Stand in formation

I’m still not gonna be able to do it.

I did my best to come up with an outro for this, but I failed yet again.

What have YOU failed at recently?

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