If you’re thinking about turning 30, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s mostly just creaky joints and being angry at things.

Still, if you’re absolutely dead set on it, I recommend loading up on memes to help you cope with the fact that you will now have a limp for three straight days if you sleep kinda wrong.

Here are 11 great memes for my fellow members of the over 30 club.

11. Compare and contrast

Not sure what that makes me but I’m working on it.

Source: Someecards

10. Make it a Blockbuster night

I’ve still got my nametag from when I worked there. I feel like that should be all the ID I ever need.

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9. Fill ‘er up

You’re lying to yourself. You’re lying to yourself and you know it.

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8. The search continues

No I mean like a GROWN grown grown up.

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7. Greatest of all time

Don’t wanna hear any baaaaaad news today.

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6. Blankie time

Now everyone leave me alone.

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5. Explosion of flavor

Being an adult means having the freedom to do this but also knowing it will absolutely destroy you.

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4. Warning signs

Nothing a little electrical tape won’t fix.

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3. Putting up barriers

It’s not me, it’s you.

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2. Get off my lawn

I’ve been this way since I was a teenager, to be fair.

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1. A bloody good time

Say “what” again, because your hearing is slowly declining.

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Now that we’ve done that, you all need to get WAY off my lawn because it’s time for my mid-day nap.

What’s the strangest thing about being your age?

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